International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems - Lucca (Italia), September 23-25, 2013
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Published on the 16/07/2013
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Keywords : session, data, services, ocean, science

Session 3 - Data Services in ocean science

  • 12 - Evgeny Vyazilov, Denis Melnikov and Nikita Chunyaev - Analytical tools for ESIMO
  • 29 - Natalia Viazilova - Storm activity over North Atlantic with ESIMO analytical tools
  • 57 - Lisa Raymond, Cyndy Chandler, Adam Leadbetter, Ed Urban, Peter Pissierssens and Linda Pikula - Publishing and Citing Ocean Data (PDF)
  • 63 - Sung-Dae Kim, Hyuk-Min Park, Jin-Hee Lee, Sang-Ho Baek and Soo-Young Park - Establishment of an Operational Data Management System for Korea Ocean Prediction System (PDF)
  • 66 - Elena Zhuk, George Zodiatis, Stavros Stylianou and Robin Lardner - A WEB-BASED GIS FOR OIL SPILL PREDICTION (PDF)
  • 68 - Gerrit Hendriksen, Sharon Tatman, Willem Stolte and Fedor Baart - Enabling connectivity between data sources within the VECTORS project (PDF)
  • 72 - Ali Alyautdinov, Ilya Kalinkin and Vladimir Semin - “Up-Grade BS-Scene” and “CaspInfo” projects as examples of implementing standards provided by SeaDataNet and supported by INSPIRE
  • 73 - Mike Osborne - The Application of Marine Data Management in Ports using Ocean Database and GIS
  • 76 - Jacques Madelaine, Gilles Domalain and Wilbert Marin Soto - ThemaMap: from data to maps (PDF)
  • 77 - Pauline Weatherall and Roy Lowry - General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) - Global Bathymetric Data Sets (PDF)
  • 83 - Karien De Cauwer, Yvan Stojanov, Jordi Sorribas, Paolo Diviacco, Marie-Paule Corre, Alessandro Busato, Serge Scory, Jean-Marc Sinquin and Marc Nokin - Semantic interoperability on board: ongoing developments for EARS event logging (PDF)
  • 92 - Jo Foden, David Mills, Kathryn Keeble and Simon Keeble - The EMECO Datatool: an online assessment and reporting system for co-production of environmental assessments of shared marine waters (PDF)
  • 106 - Pina Springer, Hela Mehrtens, Dirk Fleischer, Carsten Schirnick and Andreas Czerniak - Kiel Data Management Infrastructure for Marine Sciences (PDF)
  • 114 - Pekka Alenius, Kimmo Tikka and Riikka Hietala - Near real-time quality data from ships to land
  • 115 - Tarmo Kõuts, Madis-Jaak Lilover and Kaimo Vahter - On-line ice resistance survey for the ships supporting winter navigation in ice channels of the Baltic Sea (PDF)
  • 116 - Charles Troupin, Alexander Barth, Jean-Marie Beckers and Ananda Pascual - Application of the Data-Interpolating Variational Analysis (DIVA) to sea-level anomaly measurements in the Mediterranean Sea
  • 126 - Elena Partescano, Alberto Brosich and Alessandra Giorgetti - A system for managing metadata using XML format (PDF)
  • 137 - Anna Vetrano, Alessio Bechini, Catia Chiappini and Katrin Schroeder - Browsing and Selection of CTD/XBT Data through Open-Source GIS Clients (PDF)
  • 149 - Eugeny Godin, Alexey Khaliulin, Andrey Ingerov and Elena Zhuk - On-line quality control service of MHI NASU (PDF)
  • 162 - Maria Pantazi, Vassiliki Vassilopoulou, Yiannis Issaris, Athina Kokkali, Maria Salomidi, Alexandros Frantzis, Jacob Fric and Aliki Panou - Addressing uncertainty through data quality issues in environmental assessments to support improved decision making (PDF)
  • 165 - Marco Picone, Gabriele Nardone and Francesco Lagona - Data validation in italian wave metric datasets (PDF)
  • 170 - Cynthia Chandler, Andrew Maffei, Laura Stolp, Cynthia Sellers, Elizabeth Coburn, Tim Thiel and Robert Arko - R2R Science Eventlogger: Supporting Data Interoperability with Controlled Vocabularies (PDF)
  • 176 - Stephen Diggs and Bernadette Sloyan - GO-SHIP: building a time series of a suite of ocean properties